Rubric Builder

Create a custom interactive rubric using the Rubric Builder. These rubrics can be applied to an assignment for grading or used to give students guidelines for an assignment or project.

Read on to learn more about this flexible tool!

Rubric Builder Features

  • Give your screen a title by clicking the box labeled “Type Your Screen Title Here.” Click Enter to save.
  • Click any cell to edit the criteria! The orange boxes to the left represent the scoring criteria. The top row represents the scoring scale. The grey boxes in the center of the rubric allow you to elaborate on the criteria
  • When editing a cell, you can add “expanded text” that will appear when you click the orange boxes.
  • The Load Template button will allow you to edit a previously created rubric.
  • Add/Edit Notes: Using the add/edit notes icon, you can add custom notes to any rubric builder screen.

What will my Rubric look like once complete?

  • Students will be able to view the rubric for a select assignment or project and learn more about the criteria by clicking each box that has been customized.

    Use the colored highlighters to highlight a box.
  • Click MENU and PRINT RUBRIC to print the rubric.
  • If you would like to add your grading rubric to an assignment learn more here.