Lessons Menu

QuaverSEL lessons are accessed from an interactive lesson selection menu. This documentation will walk you through how to navigate the QuaverSEL Lesson Menu. From this view, you can see the entire curriculum and can easily find a lesson to explore.

Grade Levels

The Lesson Menu is organized by grade level, represented by buttons across the top of the menu. Use the Grade Level buttons to navigate to a specific grade level.

For questions about adding grades to your license, please contact our team


The Lessons in each grade level contain full lessons to support the five CASEL competencies. 

CASEL Core Competencies

The five CASEL Core Competencies are addressed throughout the grade level lessons.  If you are looking for a specific sub-competency in each grade level, select the competency you need from the buttons at the bottom of the menu.  

SEL Plus

Additional SEL Plus lessons explore issues of honesty, bullying prevention, personal safety, and more.

Click the SEL Plus button to explore these lessons.

Support Tools

Curriculum Features and Best Practices

The Curriculum Features and Best Practices button will guide you through the specific features of the QuaverSEL curriculum as well as best practices to support instruction. Here you will find Scope and Sequences for Pre-K through Fifth Grade, Best Practices,  and Presentations to support instruction and advocacy. This button is also accessible on the Teacher Dashboard.

Teacher Toolbox

The Teacher Toolbox is accessible from the Curriculum Menu in addition to the Teacher Dashboard. Click the Teacher Toolbox to learn more and explore one of the four categories included there.