QuaverSEL in Miami-Dade County

QuaverSEL presents an innovative approach to social and emotional learning for M-DCPS teachers and counselors to teach PreK-5 students.

  • Pre K-5 online lessons
  • Interactive Song Catalog
  • Customization Capabilities
  • Optimized Search Engine
  • Online PD

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Curriculum Overview

QuaverSEL is aligned to CASEL competencies with 35 weeks of lessons for elementary students. Our digital curriculum supports teachers, counselors, and SEL specialists with a comprehensive, year-long plan.

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My students love all of the songs, stories, and activities that we study each week through our morning warm-up with QuaverSEL.”

– Cindy Fuentes · Miami-Dade County Public Schools, FL

Supplemental Resources

QuaverSEL is more than a curriculum. We offer additional resources to make teaching easier and learning more fun!

Utilize the Power of Music

Our songs engages students on an emotional level. Through music, students retain and internalize important SEL skills. SELMusic is a song resource library with hundreds of interactive activities to utilize the power of music.

Support Spanish-Speaking Students

With over 150 songs in English and Spanish, QuaverSEL can be used in classrooms with students who speak Spanish. See how the songs align to CASEL competencies.

The Power of Professional Development

We believe in unlocking educators’ potential with QuaverPD. Through our video tutorials, educators improve their skills, better student learning outcomes, and obtain PD credit. 

Administrative Tools

Take Advantage of Customization Capabilities

With Resource Manager, teachers can:

  • Search for lessons based on topic or keyword.
  • Create interactive quizzes, slideshows, and video screens.
  • Import resources from the Internet.

Utilize Student Admin

Student Admin provides a collection of tools for classroom management. Educators can efficiently manage classroom attendance, grades, assignments, and student accounts across multiple classes.


Commitment to Growth

Since launching the digital teaching resources in 2019, QuaverSEL has not stopped growing. With quarterly updates, our team has added more than 1,000 new resources and significantly improved the site’s functionality.

Let’s get in touch

Meet Sean Smith, QuaverEd Sales Director for Northeast United States and International

Sean Smith

As Director of Sales for Miami-Dade County Public Schools, I’m here to answer any questions and help give you access to QuaverEd curricula.

Please reach out to say hello if there’s anything I can do for you!

Email: sean@quavered.com
Phone: (615) 585-0337

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