QuaverSEL Curriculum Overview

A Comprehensive, Year-Long Plan

QuaverSEL supports teachers, counselors, and SEL specialists with a full year of easy-to-implement lessons.

  • The QuaverSEL Scope and Sequence shows all 35 weeks of lessons for each grade PreK-5.
  • An easy-to-use Lesson Selection Menu presents lessons by grade level and competency.
  • Content scaffolds vertically across grades to tackle elementary SEL curriculum topics with developmentally appropriate vocabulary and activities.

Inside a QuaverSEL Lesson

Each competency band is supported by lessons packed with engaging songs, stories, and activities – presented in a logical lesson structure.

Look into a lesson on Self-Management, one of the many skill sets covered by QuaverSEL.


Evidence-Based Approach

QuaverSEL provides tools for reflection, assessment, and customized interventions every step of the way.

QuaverSEL lessons are aligned to CASEL competencies, ASCA mindsets and behaviors, and SSWAA standards.

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