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Why Choose QuaverSEL?

QuaverSEL offers an online, accessible curriculum ready for today’s K-5 classroom. Educators can teach QuaverSEL with confidence – every lesson is supported by the CASEL framework and aligned with the School Social Work Association of America standards. Additional topics are included across grade levels to address student mental health, encourage digital literacy, and promote cross-curricular connections.

QuaverSEL will make it easier for Clark County to bring critical social and emotional skills to life. Scaffolded lessons provide a full academic year of programming. The fully digital platform supports all learning environments and differentiation is made easy with our powerful customization tools. Learn more about QuaverSEL here.

QuaverSEL Supports Clark County

A critical component of our support is motivation and Professional Development for teachers, counselors, leadership, and staff. QuaverEd has implementation and training departments that provide onsite training, instructional coaching, virtual training, monthly webinars, and weekly newsletters that highlight best practices.

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