Recognize, Analyze, Report!

Use this 5th-grade lesson to help students understand what to do when a friend has a problem.


Earlier this month, we took a look at some activities in the QuaverSEL Curriculum that celebrate friendship!

While it’s important to celebrate our friends, one of the ways that we can appreciate them is by understanding that sometimes a friend can have a problem that they may or may not want to share.

Lesson 15 of the 5th-grade curriculum focuses on responsible decision-making and identifying problems, particularly when our friends are experiencing problems.

Let’s dive in!


Topic Discussion

The lesson begins with an activity to kick off a discussion about the topic. Students will select the “Random” button or click on one of the boxes with a question mark icon to launch a question.

 This screen is a great discussion tool to help explore students’ prior knowledge.

Lesson Mindset

Read the Lesson Mindset: “Lean on me, when you’re not strong.”

This screen reinforces the theme of being there for a friend when they have a problem.

Students can select a number of interactive activities that reinforce the theme. 

Lean On Me (Lyrics)

You may already be familiar with this popular tune! “Lean On Me” introduces the concept of helping a friend in need when times might be tough.

You Can Lean On Me

Before beginning the activity, ask students the following question: “Have you ever had a friend with a problem, but you didn’t know what to do to help them?”

Students can click each of the steps to reveal ways to help your friend when they have a problem. lick the Pagination Arrow to see the next screen.

Then, click through each number to learn ways to recognize, question, and determine ways to help when your friend has a problem. Have students share out if and how they have used these strategies when they learned about their friend’s problem.

Role Play Problems

In this activity, students will listen to the audio of a situation presented by a character.

As a class, use the checklist provided with each situation to analyze the problem and how you could help that character as if they were your friend.

Reflections & Other Thoughts

Remind students that this week we have been talking about identifying problems and that our theme has been recognizing when our friend has a problem.

As you listen to the audio, ask students to reflect on what they’ve learned.


We hope you found these activities helpful and we’d love to hear how you’re using them with your students. Connect with us @Quaver_SEL on Twitter and @QuaverSEL on Facebook!