Access Supervisor Usage Reports

Supervisors can access Usage Reports directly from their Quaver Teacher Admin. These reports allow supervisors to view critical information, such as:

  • What content teachers are using
  • How much content teachers are using over time
  • When a teacher last logged in

Only users with supervisor access will be able to view these usage reports.

How to access a usage report:

  • Select Student Admin from your Dashboard.
  • Select Supervisor Tools.
  • A new tab will open to QDex.

How to navigate Usage Reports:

  • At the top of your QDex click Utilities > Usage Report, you’ll see a series of input fields. These fields allow you to request varying usage information: Range, Group By, Time Interval, and Brand.
    • Range allows you to choose the date range for usage activity. Use the calendar to select a start and end date.
    • Group By allows you to select whether you’d like to group usage by school or teacher.
    • Time Interval allows you to filter the usage report by certain daily, weekly, and monthly intervals.
    • Brand allows you to filter out certain Quaver products if your district has multiple Quaver products.
  • You can choose to view the usage report in terms of: Total Teacher Access, Teacher Logins, Student Logins, Professional Development, or Teacher Access per Login.
  • You can use the search bar to search for a specific user.
  • Select the Export icon to export the usage report.

Detailed Usage Reports

  • You can see the user’s username, school, last login, and expiration in the right-hand box.
  • You can use the calendar to narrow the search if needed.
  • The line items at the bottom show the type of activity viewed by the user, a short description of the activity, and the Date & Time.
  • Select the Export icon to export the usage report.

For details on what is logged, please contact us.