Ready, Set, Rubric!

All-in-one Rubric Builder makes it easy to measure student skills

Rubrics are an important tool in every music teacher’s toolbox. Where multiple-choice assessments measure knowledge, a well-crafted rubric records an accurate picture of student skill performance. They also help set expectations for students going into a project or assignment. In this post, we’ll explore new functionality at that allows teachers to create customized digital rubrics. These custom rubrics can then be used to grade student assignments.

Looking for assignment ideas? This functionality pairs well with other Quaver tools for student evaluation, like the new Video Capture Screen released this Fall.

Creating a New Rubric

First things first, let’s create a rubric together. Rubric creation happens in Resource Manager.  Teachers with an active account will find Resource Manager on their Teacher Dashboard.

With any folder, lesson, or assignment selected, click the blue MENU button in the top right corner. Select NEW SCREEN and then RUBRIC SCREEN.

This will pull up the RUBRIC EDITOR screen.

From here, simply click any cell to edit the criteria and create your custom rubric! The left column of orange boxes represents the scoring criteria. The top row represents the scoring scale.

When editing a cell, you can even add “expanded text” that will appear when you click the orange box on the rubric.

The grey boxes in the center of the rubric allow you to elaborate on that criteria. Click to edit the display text and expanded text.

When you are satisfied with your rubric, simply hit the green SAVE button! Make sure you’ve titled your rubric in the top white box next to Rubric Editor.

That rubric is now saved as a screen in your Resource Manager and can be added to any lesson or assignment!

Ideas for using your Custom Rubric! 

There are many ways to use your Custom Rubric in the classroom.

Discuss Evaluation and Feedback

Collaborate with your students to create a rubric! This is the perfect opportunity to invite students to see how your evaluation process works and to set expectations for future projects and activities.

Rubric Test Run

Include your rubric in an assignment for students to practice at home. Give them a feel for your evaluation process and how they will be graded in the future.

Grade Student Performance

Apply your rubric to any assignment and use it to grade student performance! This is a great way to track student progress throughout the year.

For more information, we encourage you to watch our helpful PD video on adding a rubric screen. Find it at the top of the Custom Rubric screen under VIDEO TRAINING or at!


How will you use the new Custom Rubric tool with your students?