Quaver’s Music Madness 2021 (SEMIFINALS)



See the SEMIFINAL ROUND matchups in the bracket below:

This coming week, our final four songs square off in the to advance to the Championship!

Overdrive vs. In the Hall of the Mountain King.

The groovy eighth-note patterns in Overdrive get down like a boogie on the bambam, while In the Hall of the Mountain King grows with excitement as the tempo speeds up!

He Had a Dream vs. You-Nique 

Both these songs have marched through the tournament to inspire many to stand up, look in the mirror, and strive to make a difference.

Who will advance to Quaver’s Music Madness Championship? You decide! QuaverEd’s Emily Hopkins overviews Quaver’s Music Madness 21 in this instructional video:

Next week’s CHAMPIONSHIP MATCHUP will be announced March 14th on the QuaverMusic.com Facebook page and right here on the blog (you may want to bookmark this post!)

Looking for a new responding activity for your students?

Login and search “March Madness” in your Resource Manager for an audio playlist and accompanying student worksheets.

Suggestions For Younger Students (K-2)

  • Search for and print the worksheet found in Resource Manager, or create a URL to send digitally to students.
  • Students will analyze the songs based on the following elements: mood, dynamics, instrument families, and tempo.
  • Fill in the boxes:
    • Mood box – have students draw how the song makes them feel
    • Instrument Families box– have students circle which instruments they hear in the song
    • Dynamics box– have students mark on the scale which dynamic best fits the song
    • Tempo box–have students decide whether the song is slow (largo), fast (presto), or somewhere in between (moderato)
  • Have students rate each song by shading in the stars.
  • The piece that receives the most stars wins that round for your students/class!

Suggestions For Older Students (3rd Grade and up)

  • Download and print the worksheet, found in Resource Manager, for your students to complete as you listen to the songs each week.
  • Use the critical thinking questions to guide your students to analyze the pieces.
  • Students can respond to each of the questions on the worksheet and then discuss their answers in groups or as a class.
  • Have students rate each song by shading in the stars.
  • The piece that students give the most stars to wins that round for your class/students!

Share how you’re implementing this week’s matchups in your classroom instruction to our QuaverMusic Teachers Facebook page!


We can’t wait to see who comes out on top! Boom Chicka Boom!