Quaver’s Halloween Costume Contest 2020

Scroll down to view the winning costume reveal!

October is here! “Pumpkin Bones” can be heard in schools and homes around the world and teachers are drinking pumpkin spice lattes. That means it’s also time for another Quaver fall favorite…

It’s time for the teachers and students of the Quaver Qmunity to vote for Quaver’s Halloween Costume! 

This year, we’re taking a stroll down memory lane and asking the Quaver Qmunity to choose their favorite Quaver Halloween costume from the past several years.

The teacher whose class casts the most votes (one vote per student!) will receive a Quaver-ized prize!

We’re very excited to announce the 2020 winner of Quaver’s Halloween Costume Contest with a special reveal

Can you believe Pumpkin Bones is the winner again? Be sure to tune in for a surprise twist ending!


Congratulations to Mrs. Gruver and her students in Edwardsburg, MI for submitting the most votes (over 400 votes!) They will win a Quaver-ized prize pack!

And thank you to the Quaver Qmunity for submitting over 9000 votes in total!


Let’s take a trip to the Quaver Costume Hall of Fame and see our worthy nominees:

Teacher Tip: We recommend sending the following videos to students, or watching them as a class.

Rock Around the Clock: A Live Musical Cuckoo Clock! (2015)

Beat Baby Quaver (2016)

The Treblemaker (2017)

The Magical Ukulele Unicorn (2018)

Pumpkin Bones (2019)


Thank you for voting! Happy Halloween!