Quaver Pre-K Best Practices

Implementing Effective Literacy Instruction

Discover how literacy activities in the Quaver Pre-K Curriculum support a developmentally appropriate approach to literacy instruction.

Leading Read Aloud Activities

Explore best practices for leading Read Aloud activities with your class.

Developing Social and Emotional Skills

Find tips and strategies for integrating social and emotional learning into daily activities, routines, and learning experiences for young children.

Developing Math Skills

Explore concepts and best practices to lead children on a graduated path toward math understanding and application.

Developing Science Skills

Explore best practices for developing an understanding of life concepts and important inquiry skills in Pre-K children.

Incorporating Art Skills

Find tips and strategies to develop art skills in your classroom through teacher-directed projects and open-ended art exploration.

Differentiated Instruction

Find tips and strategies for establishing a nurturing, differentiated learning environment for children.

Transitional Strategies

Learn efficient and engaging transitional strategies for the Pre-K classroom.

Using an Online Curriculum

Dive in to various strategies outlined for effectively introducing technology and and Quaver’s online curriculum in your student instruction.

Supporting English Language Learners (ELL)

Discover instructional supports and strategies for English Language Learners (ELL) in the prekindergarten classroom.

Creating an Accessible Learning Environment

Explore how to make the most of technology and Quaver resources to provide meaningful learning experiences for all students.