QuaverHealth•PE is Now Available Nationwide!

QuaverEd’s latest online curriculum includes Health and PE Resources designed to promote whole-school wellness. 

Meet QuaverHealth•PE! Our newest online curriculum and its 196 ready-to-use lessons for grades K-5 address four dimensions of student health: physical, intellectual, social, and emotional for whole school wellness. It also includes shareable resources for parents, and resources to promote community engagement.
Our platform is easy to use and designed to be flexible for all teachers whether they teach Health, PE, or Health and PE together, and many resources are adaptable for use in the gym or classroom. 

Our seriously fun curriculum was designed with input from certified health and PE educators, medical professionals, and public health officials to ensure our health curriculum meets the same high-quality standards we set for all of our products.

QuaverHealth•PE is also packed with engaging movement videos and original songs to get students invested in their health and set a foundation for lifelong healthy habits. We are excited and honored to be a part of Growing Stronger Bodies and Minds and are here to support the goals of schools and districts nationwide.

If you are interested in getting QuaverHealth•PE resources for your school or district, let’s talk!  Reach out to one of our experts to find out how.