QuaverEd and xSEL Labs Announce Partnership

QuaverEd and xSEL Labs announce exciting new partnership to provide transformative online SEL tools for Pre-K to 5 teachers

QuaverSEL, QuaverEd’s fully dedicated SEL curriculum, offers engaging resources that harness the power and emotion of music in developing the academic, social, and emotional skills of students across the school campus.

Developed by online curriculum experts at QuaverEd, QuaverSEL resources are designed to create a culture of caring and empathy that develop and nurture the whole child, on every level. 

Schools that use QuaverSEL have generally seen fewer classroom management challenges, higher attendance rates, and strong school safety and mental health initiatives. The interactive nature of these activities provides built-in flexibility, conducive to in-person, remote, and hybrid learning environments, particularly useful as schools struggle to adapt to fast-changing models of learning and teaching.

xSEL Labs provides high-quality social and emotional learning assessments that support teaching, learning, and student outcomes. Through their mission to improve student outcomes  by helping educators understand children’s social-emotional strengths and needs, xSEL Labs envisions a world in which all educators use rigorous, scalable, and informative social-emotional assessment systems to guide how and what they teach. xSEL Labs is putting this mission and vision into practice by creating scalable systems to assess and address the social-emotional needs of children and youth.

The exciting new partnership aims to support students in prekindergarten through 5th grade by providing engaging social and emotional learning resources. QuaverEd’s new partnership with xSEL Labs will create an opportunity to have an even broader impact in schools across the country and the world.