How to Buy

  1. After you’ve tried a Free Preview in your classroomtalk to a Quaver Representative about the right choice for your school or district and request a quote.
  2. Payment – Purchase Orders may be submitted via Email, Fax: 615-320-3274, or if using a credit card, please call 866-917-3633.
  3. To complete license setup and receive access, we will confirm the teacher or teachers who will receive access, any training needs, and the correct billing contact for invoicing.

If you need assistance with the purchasing process, please contact our Customer Support team at 1-866-917-3633, or email us!

Program Pricing

QuaverEd’s range of cloud-based curriculum resources are licensed to districts, schools, and individual teachers. Licenses range from one year to five, seven, or even more! Districts may choose longer licenses to take advantage of adoption cycles and additional training and integration services. Our Quaver Representatives are available to answer any questions you may have.

All QuaverEd programs include:

  • Unlimited free student accounts
  • Professional Development solutions including on-site, online, and on-demand training opportunities
  • Backup resources for use in the case of internet outages
  • Standard integrations to Single Sign On and Rostering systems
  • World-class customer support for the life of your license

Pricing varies based on the program, license length, and number of licensed users. Select a subject below to explore resource pricing and find what works best for you and your school!

Purchasing FAQs

Who is the Quaver contact in my state? 

With a Director of Sales for every region of the United States – and beyond – your Quaver Rep is standing by to help with questions about our resources, the purchase process, and how to find the right fit for your school. Find contact information for your Sales Director here.  

How much is a license for QuaverEd curriculum resources? 

Pricing varies based on the program, license length, and a number of licensed users. Talk to your Sales Director today about curriculum pricing and find what works best for you and your school!

What’s the status of my QuaverEd Order? 

Most QuaverEd orders are processed within 3 days of Purchase Order receipt. If you’ve submitted a PO, you can contact our orders team for an update on your specific order. Once your order has been processed, you will receive an access code via email. That code is the key to unlocking all of your Quaver Resources!

I received a Past Due Billing Notice. What’s that about? 

Please contact us right away to make sure your financial information is up to date.

Need assistance with purchasing? Contact us!

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