Promote Personal Safety Today!

Each week on the QuaverSEL Blog, we highlight one of the core CASEL competencies and a sub-competency. Today, we’re diving into one of QuaverSEL’s SEL Plus competencies and an activity that will help students practice personal safety. 

Quaver’s SEL Plus competencies highlight important topics not addressed by CASEL.

Let’s dive in!

Begin class with the following discussion question: You should be careful around strangers unless one of your trusted people tells you that it’s ok to talk to them. If you aren’t sure about a stranger, what trusted person could you ask?

Take five minutes this week to explore a song and activity found in your SELMusic library, “I Don’t Talk to Strangers.” This song encourages students to practice personal safety and discern the best adult to talk to in certain situations. 

This song can also be found in SELMusic or in Resource Manager

After listening to the song a few times, you’ll find an activity called “Safe and Unsafe Strangers” back in the Song Hub. The purpose of this screen is to reinforce the theme of safe and unsafe strangers.

Invite students to look at the picture on the screen. Read students the sentence stem and the options to complete the stem, and ask students to vote by hand or thumbs up the most appropriate word to complete the sentence.

Encourage students to think back on the song to brainstorm the appropriate answer.

NOTE: On some screens, there is only one appropriate answer. On other screens, there may be multiple appropriate answers.

If time allows, you may choose to pair this activity with “Stranger Smarts.” You’ll find this worksheet under PRINTABLES back in the Song Hub of “I Don’t Talk To Strangers.” 

Using this worksheet, students will reinforce their knowledge about safe and unsafe strangers.

How do you encourage personal safety in your classroom? 

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