Lesson Guide

Quaver Pre-K Lesson Guides are digital lesson plans with ready-to-launch interactive resources.

This help article covers:

Lesson Overview

Clicking a day of the week from the top menu will bring you to the day’s Lesson Guide. Everything you need to teach a lesson is here.

QuaverCon Mobile Agenda

Starting at the top, you’ll see the Key Skills, Daily Books, Daily Vocabulary, and Materials that will be used throughout the course of the day.

Lesson Activities

Scroll down to explore the day as it unfolds, starting with the Opening Activity Section. Notice the large orange bar includes an indicator of the Activity Section and the guidelines for how long this part of the day should last.

Click the bar to collapse this Activity Section and view the rest of the day. Each day follows a consistent sequence of learning through 15 Activity Sections:

  1. Opening
  2. Circle Time 1
  3. Center Time 1
  4. Snack Time
  5. Read Aloud 1
  6. Outdoor Time 1
  7. Circle Time 2
  8. Lunch Time
  9. Read Aloud 2
  10. Rest Time
  11. Movement
  12. Circle Time 3
  13. Center Time 2
  14. Outdoor Time 2
  15. Reflection

Click any Activity Section to view the activities, teaching notes, and resources outline for that part of the day.

Use Menu to Collapse or Expand all Activities in your Executable Lesson Guide.

Session Launch in App

Teaching Notes

Teaching notes provide guidance for carrying out each activity in sequence. Bullet points include italicized text that indicates the Texas Prekindergarten Guidelines Breakouts that are met in this step. 

Teaching Tips

Small icons to the right of the teaching notes indicate a Teacher Tip. Click the icon to view suggestions for making the most of this activity with your children.

At the top of your screen, click Help > Icon Legend to see the variety of tips included in each lesson guide.

Interactive Resources

Many activities will include interactive resources, represented by a visual thumbnail of the activity to the right of the teaching notes.

There are two ways to deliver this content to children on a Child-Facing Display.

  1. Launch the resource in your browser tab and drag to a second display
  2. Use a QR Code to open the activity on a mobile device

To Launch an Interactive Resource in Browser

  • Click the resource thumbnail to open it in a new tab in your browser.
  • Then simply drag the tab to a Child-Facing display. 

To Send an Interactive Resource to a Mobile Device

  • Click the QR code in the bottom left corner of the resource thumbnail to display a QR Code. 
  • Scan this QR code with a mobile device to open it in your mobile device browser.
  • Use your device settings to lock the device for child use.  

Supporting Resources

Each Activity Section ends with Supporting Resources. These are referenced throughout the teaching notes and often include additional interactive resources that might be useful to extend or differentiate instruction.

Outcome Definitions

Outcome Definitions are accessible below the Supporting Resources in each Activity Section. Click to view the Outcome referenced in the section along with the full text from the Texas Prekindergarten Guidelines


Differentiation strategies are accessible just to the right of Outcome Definitions and offer guidance for engaging all children in the activities mentioned above.

Menu and Print Options

Click MENU for a number of print options:

  • View any available worksheets, and print each individually.
  • Print the full Executable Lesson Guide by clicking Print All. This will generate a printer-friendly version of the full day, including every tip, outcome, and differentiation strategy.
  • Click Print Select to unselect any of these sections to save paper or simplify your printed lesson guide.

Once you click okay, you’ll be taken to your browser’s print window where you can make additional options such as printing on both sides of the page, limiting the print request to only certain pages, or printing multiple copies of the lesson guide.