Curriculum Menu

Quaver Pre-K curriculum is divided into monthly and weekly themes.

Monthly Themes

On the left side of the menu, the curriculum is broken down into eight themes:

  1. Welcome to Pre-K
  2. Communities
  3. Amazing Nature
  4. Healthy Me
  5. Living Creatures
  6. Transportation and Movement
  7. Construction
  8. A Celebration of Music

Across the top of the menu, you’ll see each theme is explored over the course of four weeks with an optional special project that can be used to extend the learning further.

Weekly Sub-Themes

Click any week or sub-theme title to zoom in further.

The cells in this view provide a summary of the week’s lessons, broken down by day and activity.

This view of the week is very useful to prompt your teaching throughout the day. It is also available in printed form as a Week-at-a-Glance Handbook under Instructional Guides on the Teacher Dashboard or in your Quaver Pre-K Classroom Kit. 

Lesson Guides

Clicking a day of the week will bring you to a Lesson Guide which houses everything you need for your lesson. Learn about lesson guides.