Pre-K Testimonials

Learn what early childhood experts are saying about Quaver Pre-K.

The proof is in the words of teachers, academics, and administrators who have witnessed firsthand the incredible impact of Quaver Pre-K.

Effective and Intentional Instruction

Early childhood experts agree, Quaver Pre-K is revolutionizing the pre-k curriculum space:

The most notable and unique feature of the QuaverEd curriculum is its multimedia resources. The videos, games, and songs embedded in the curriculum are visually and aurally engaging and produced with a level of quality that is currently missing from the PreK curriculum space. The integration of technology in the QuaverEd curriculum helps it stand apart from the competition and will make learning fun and exciting for children. Additionally, QuaverEd makes great effort to represent diversity in the multimedia materials, including in song and book selections.

– Dr. Jessica Lawson-Adams
Specialist in Early Childhood and Elementary Learning
PhD (Vanderbilt University, ‘20, Learning, Teaching, and Diversity)

Quaver Pre-K has been such an added bonus this year. I use it everyday!  I use it for calendar time, storytime, whole group instruction, and motivation. It has everything I need for a successful program. I love, love the music and it gives me so much flexibility. I cannot brag enough about the ease and usefulness of the online learning component. It makes online learning so much easier and productive than anything else I have come across! I truly love it.

– Cynthia Walden
Pre-K Teacher
Cotton Center ISD, TX