New Student Recording Screen is On the Scene!

Watch, grade student performances in just a few clicks!

Evaluation plays an important role in the music classroom and now, it’s even easier to assess students with Quaver’s new Student Recording Screen feature. You’ll find this new tool within Resource Manager or right on your Teacher Dashboard through Resource Creation. This feature allows students to submit a video back to you, their teacher, for grading or storage in a portfolio project.

Let’s begin in Resource Manager!

How to use the Student Recording Screen:

The Student Recording Screen is incorporated into the assignment building process. You can read about Quaver’s Assignment Builder here.

Let’s start by turning a custom lesson into an assignment:

  1. With any custom lesson open, click MENU and select CREATE ASSIGNMENT FROM
  2. Give the assignment a name
  3. Back out of the lesson to see the Assignment has been created in the same folder

4. Double click or select and click EDIT to open the Assignment

5. Now we’ll add to the assignment, by clicking MENU in the purple bar and selecting NEW SCREEN


6. Add a title for the screen by entering it in the Title field & hit ENTER

7.  Boom-Chicka-Boom! You’re done!

You may also want to check out the option on the left side of your screen:

  1. Click EDIT NOTES to add notes for your students to view when they launch this screen in their assignment
  2. Clicking CANCEL on the left side of the screen will close the window without adding the screen to your assignment
  3. Click SAVE to add the screen! You’ll see a completion message to confirm the new screen
  4. Click OK to close.

The Student Recording Screen lives at the end of your assignment. Click LAUNCH to see preview what it will look like to your students.

Students have different options based on the device they’re using.

If a student’s device has a built-in camera:

Devices that have built in cameras or are connected to a webcam can record directly into the screen! The browser will prompt them to allow camera and microphone access.

If a student’s device doesn’t have a camera:

If their device does not have a camera, they can record on another device! Click CHOOSE FILE to upload the recording here. Videos should be less than one minute longer and under 60 megabytes in size. When the video is added, it will appear in your GradeBook for the assignment.

This will pull up the same menu of options, and all custom screens will appear in your Resource Manager in a MY CUSTOM SCREENS folder for easy access.


How will you use the Student Recording Screen with your students?