New Functionality Features in GradeBook

In an effort to continually improve resources and functionality for our users, we are excited to share these new features for GradeBook! 

Filter Your GradeBook View by Assignment Type

New Assignment Filters can help a Quaver teacher organize their GradeBook view based upon which type of Quaver screens are included in the assignment. In the GradeBook, click the Assignment Filters button near the upper left corner of the screen.

Monitor Student Assignment Progress 

A new Student Assignment Status Panel helps a teacher view how many screens a student has visited in any Quaver Assignment. Right-click any student’s assignment submission in the GradeBook, or left-click any student’s assignment from the Assignment Review page to access this new tool. Once a student has viewed all screens in an assignment, it will be considered “complete” in both the Teacher’s GradeBook view and the Student’s Assignments page.

Grade Assignments in Bulk

For non-gradable assignments (or those without a student submittable screen), a tool has been created to allow a teacher to mark one Assignment, for all students in one class, as “Complete.” In the GradeBook, right-click the assignment column header to see the option to “Mark Assignment Complete.” This will change the icon in the Teacher’s GradeBook view and the Student’s Assignments page.

We’d love to know how these are working for you in your classroom! You can contact our World-Class Support Team at (866) 917-3633, report any tech issues or bugs you may encounter at, and follow us on socials @QuaverEd.