Music Store

On QuaverStreet, click the door that says “Kids Enter Here” to enter the Music Store. Here, you can explore Creatives, learn in the lab, and travel back in time to learn about composers and musical periods!

Hover your mouse over various instruments and other objects around the Music Store to see them come to life!

The Lab

Click the metal door on the left side of the Music Store to head into the Lab.

Here you can learn about the science of sound by testing your knowledge in EarIQ, analyzing sound waves in QSynth, and bringing videos to life with sound clips in QSoundFX.

Use the door in the top left corner to navigate back to the Music Store.

The Studio

Use the blue door on the right side of the Music Room to enter the Studio.

In the Studio, you can access Creatives including:

  • QStrum
  • QBackBeat
  • QComposer
  • QGrooves

You can use these to practice your musical skills and submit to Contests.

Click the blue door on the left to head back to the Music Shop.

The Telephone Booth

Travel back in time by clicking on the red Telephone Booth in the Music Shop. Browse the list of composers and musical periods, then select one to explore!

Once you have made your selection, a screen will appear with general information about the composer at the top. You can listen to a piece written by the composer by clicking the Play button under Venue Music.

Click the Activities tab at the bottom of the screen to select from a menu of activities including:

  • Info  – watch a short animated video about the musical style
  • Book – read the Basic or Advanced QuaverBook about the musical style
  • Map – view an animated map of where the venue is located
  • Music – listen to a playlist of songs inspired by the musical style
  • Puzzle– complete a jigsaw puzzle featuring the scene on the main page of the venue
  • Matching Game– match cards featuring significant composers of the musical style

Click Exit to head back to the Music Shop.