Use the video tutorial and help article to learn about the Metro.

The Metro area of Quaver Street allows you to take virtual field trips and explore musical styles from around the world.

Select a venue from the Departures board to access that venue and all the activities that go with it.

Click the Activities tab at the bottom of the screen to select from a menu of activities:

  • Info  – watch a short animated video about the musical style. 
  • Book – read the Basic or Advanced QuaverBook about the musical style.
  • Map – view an animated map of where the venue is located.
  • Music – listen to a playlist of songs inspired by the musical style.
  • Puzzle– complete a jigsaw puzzle featuring the scene on the main page of the venue.
  • Matching Game– match cards featuring significant composers of the musical style.

To return to the Departures selection menu, click Exit at the top right. Click Exit again to return to Quaver Street.