Supervisor Tools

How to Access Supervisor Tools

  • Select Student Admin from your Dashboard.
  • Select Supervisor Tools.
  • A new browser tab will open to QDex.

Supervisor Tools allow district administrators to access critical information, such as:

Screenshot of the Student Admin dashboard with the Supervisor Tools selected

Only users who have been granted access will have access to Supervisor Tools for the district. Contact QuaverEd’s Sales Support team to get access to Supervisor Tools.

Usage Reports

How to navigate Usage Reports:

  • In QDex, select Utilities > Usage Report. Use the filters you see to generate your usage report:
    • Range allows you to choose the date range for usage activity. Use the calendar to select a start and end date.
    • Group By allows you to select whether you’d like to group usage by school or teacher.
    • Time Interval allows you to filter the usage report by certain daily, weekly, and monthly intervals.
    • Brand allows you to filter out certain Quaver products if your district has multiple Quaver products.
  • You can choose to view the usage report in terms of Total Teacher Access, Teacher Logins, Student Logins, Professional Development, or Teacher Access per Login.
  • You can use the search bar to search for a specific user in the district.
  • Select the Export icon to export the usage report.

Detailed Usage Reports

  • You can see the user’s username, school, last login, and expiration in the right-hand box.
  • You can use the calendar to narrow the search if needed.
  • The line items at the bottom show the type of activity viewed by the user, a short description of the activity, and the Date & Time.
  • Select the Export icon to export the usage report.
Screenshot of a Detailed Usage Report in QDex

License Manager

How to navigate License Manager:

  • In QDex, select Utilities > License Manager.
  • The License Manager grid consists of:
    • Licensee (School)
    • License Id
    • Product(s)
    • Grade(s)
    • Start Date
    • End Date
    • Seats Availabl
  • Select Actions in the far right column to Invite Users. Inviting a User will add the user to your license, and an email with registration information will be sent to the email address(es) you provide.
  • Open a license using the dropdown arrow to the far left of a row. This will show each licensee that is included on that license. Actions change to Remove User. This action will expire the user’s access from the license immediately.

Search and Filters

You can use the search box to find specific licenses or users.

At the top, You can filter the License Manager by Subject, Show Expired Licenses, and Show Expired Users.