QuaverMusic and QuaverReady comes with pre-built lessons that can be found within the Quaver Curriculum (icon on your Teacher Dashboard). But sometimes teachers may wish to customize these lessons by adding screens of their own or removing pre-built screens.

Customizing Quaver Lessons

To customize an existing Quaver lesson:

  • Select Resource Sets>Quaver Curriculum and pick a grade level to select a Quaver lesson.
  • Drag and drop a lesson from the middle to a Resource Folder in the right-hand section.
  • Right-click and select Edit Lesson to re-arrange, add, or remove screens from the lesson.
  • You may also right-click and Edit Headers directly from the lesson plan, which includes changing the grade level of the assignment (included in the video tutorial to the right)

That’s it! You can pick and choose which Quaver screens you would like to use. Move them around in any order and mix and match with lessons you build.

Creating New Lessons

You can create a lesson by combining existing Quaver screens or custom screens you’ve created in Resource Creation.

To create a new lesson:

  • Search for a resource or drag screens from your My Custom Screens folder.
  • Drag the resource into a folder on the right side of the screen.
  • Select the folder and hit MENU and NEW LESSON.
  • Name your lesson.

Sharing Lessons (with district colleagues)

Once you have created a customized lesson, you may want to share it with other teachers in your district who own QuaverMusic or QuaverSEL.

To share a lesson with district colleagues:

  • Select a lesson within a folder in Resource Manager.
  • Click Menu or right-click and select Share Lesson.
  • You will see the option change to Shared and the lesson icon change colors to indicate it is shared with others in your district.
  • To unshare content: Simple select the lesson again, click Menu and Shared and the content will be unshared.

Additional tips for Sharing Lessons:

  • Once shared, colleagues can find your lessons by searching your name or the lesson title in Resource Manager or looking in Custom Resources in the Resource Sets tab.
  • Teachers can drag and drop shared lessons into their own folders, creating a copy they can further customize and use.