There are two types of assignments. Those that are graded and those that are not. Ungraded assignments are simply lessons that teachers want their students to read, watch, or interact with but don’t necessarily need to be graded. As you create your assignments, keep these options in mind.

Creating Assignments

You have 2 options when it comes to assignments. You can convert an existing lesson into an assignment or you can create an assignment from scratch.

  1. Convert a Lesson into an Assignment

    Right-click any lesson or screen within the Resource Folders section of Resource Manager and click “Create Assignment From”. You will be asked to name the assignment and it will show up in your folder with a teal “A” for “Assignment”. From here you can edit it, share it with your class, or assign it to your class.

  2. Create an Assignment from Scratch

    In Resource Manager, drag screens and lessons from the search area to one of your folders. You can also use the Resource Creation tools to create custom screens. Remember, Resource Creation screens you’ve created will automatically show up in Resource Manager’s “My Custom Screens” folder. You can click and drag these to other folders if desired. Once all resources have been added to a folder, select the folder and right-click or click Menu > Create Assignment Template. Name your new assignment and a green “A” will appear next to it.

Making an Assignment Submittable

Adding certain screen types to an assignment will make your assignments submittable when distributed to students. Submittable screens include Assessments, Student Recordings, Creatives, Melody Composers, and Interactive Games.

Be sure that one of these screens is present if you intend for your assignment to be submittable.

Adding Video Instructions to an Assignment

Select an assignment or lesson in Resource Manager and select Menu > Edit Notes/Video Instructions. Select Video Instructions in the top right corner of the instructions box. Record a video by clicking Record or select Upload to upload a video. Uploaded videos must be an mp4 or mov file and under 300MB and 5 minutes in length. When you are finished, click the Save button. Save your instructions again in the main instructions box.

Students will now see a pop window in the lower-left corner of the assignment that says “Click for Video Instructions.” Videos can be re-uploaded or re-recorded at any time following the instructions above.

Distributing Assignments

Once assignments are created they will show up in your Student Admin > Assignments section. Click here to learn more about distributing them from Student Admin.

Editing Assignments

Assignments can be edited and reassigned after distributing them to students. Assignments are saved as Assignment Templates for total customization.

Double click an assignment in Resource Manager to make adjustments. Additional content can be added or removed as needed. Reassign to students for them to view the edited content.