Melody Composer

In Melody Composer, teachers can build a template for students to compose from. The template consists of a predetermined rhythm pattern, key, and tempo. It can even be limited to specific solfege notes.

Students drag-and-drop pitches onto the grand staff to create a melody within the parameters. As a result, students learn how to create melodies in an ear-pleasing way.

  • Click on the text box next to Title and give your screen a name. Press Enter to save.
  • Use the options on the left side of the screen to change key, tempo, and solfège. The solfège box allows you to limit the melody to certain scale degrees, such as those in the pentatonic scale.
  • By default, the activity is only one measure. You can add additional measures by clicking the green Add Measure button. You can have up to four measures.

Add/Edit Notes: Using the add/edit notes icon, you can add custom notes to any multi-media screen.

Student View

To see what the activity will look like for students once it is assigned, click the gray Preview button.

On this screen, students can drag any solfège pitch at the bottom of the screen into the boxes below the staff. They can also see the note names instead of the solfège names by toggling the Solfège button in the lower right. At any time, students can hit the Play button to hear their composition. Toggle the Count-In button to turn on or off a 4-click count-in. Click the Clear button to clear notations at any time.

Back in the main Melody Composer window, click Save to save your screen.

To view your screen, head to the My Custom Screens folder in Resource Manager. This screen will remain in this folder ready to be added to a custom lesson or assignment at any time.

Assigning to Students

You will need to convert this screen into an assignment in order to distribute it to students. For information on creating and distributing assignments, click here.

When distributing to students, you will be able to decide whether you would like it to be graded. If it is a “graded” assignment, students will be able to to click the green “Submit” button in the lower right corner of the Student View window.