Quaver Essentials


QuaverMusic Essentials resources are accessed from an interactive menu at QuaverEd.com. This will load your Essentials Menu, a bird’s-eye view of the topics covered and resources available. 

This help article covers:

Essentials Classrooms

The Essentials Menu is organized into four units to cover a total of 30 musical topics.

Units include:

  • Music Theory (16 topics)
  • Instruments & Ensembles (8 topics)
  • Composers & Music History (4 topics)
  • Music Styles (4 topics)

Select any topic from the menu to view the Quaver Classroom for that topic. Each classroom includes a collection of non-grade-level specific resources for the music teacher to supplement instruction.

Classroom Menu

Each classroom uses a common organization to display the resources and activities available, including: 

  • Video Episode: A 14-20 minute video episode featuring Quaver and friends
  • Teacher Guide: Lesson ideas with overview, objectives, vocabulary, lesson activities, assessments, cross-curricular activities, and step-by-step instructions
  • Music Scores: Printable scores for songs relevant to the topic
  • Musical Tracks: A variety of music to enhance your lesson
  • Teacher Toolbox: A collection of adaptable digital tools for use in your classroom
  • IWB Activities: A collection of fun interactive whiteboard quizzes, songs, video clips, and activities your students will enjoy
  • Quaver Quiz: A 10-question quirky quiz to recap your students’ knowledge
  • Worksheets: Printable tools to help build upon given objectives