Quaver Curriculum

QuaverMusic Lessons are accessed from the Quaver Curriculum button found on the Teacher Dashboard. When navigating through the curriculum, you will land on 3 separate screens in this order: Lesson Selection Menu, Lesson Summary, and Lesson Plan Presenter.

Lesson Selection Menu

Within each grade level, lessons are organized in a logical sequence to scaffold learning across the grades.

  • Pre-K lessons are organized into six-lesson themes that address a music and SEL concept through songs and stories
  • Grades K-5 lessons are organized into three-lesson modules addressing general music themes which scaffold across grade levels.
  • Grades 6-8 lessons are organized into multi-lesson projects, offering between six and ten lessons per project on themes to engage middle school students.
The blue “My Custom Lessons” tab will navigate you to the Resource Manager where you can customize lessons.

Curriculum Features & Best Practices

The Curriculum Features contains guides to a variety of resources within the QuaverMusic curriculum for grades Pre-K through 8. These include:

  • Scope and Sequence
  • Curriculum Maps
  • Movement Maps
  • Standards
  • Cross-Curricular Connections
  • Classical Connections
  • Quaver STEAM Concepts
  • Curriculum Materials & Instruments
  • Song List
  • Ukelele Index
  • Kodály and Orff Resources

The Best Practices section includes printable PDF guides on the following topics:

  • Using an Online Curriculum
  • English language learners
  • Exceptional Student Education
  • Multiple Learning Styles
  • Rhythm Counting and Notation
  • Teacher Student Bond
  • Keyword Glossary
  • Accessibility
  • Writing Assessment Questions

Lesson Summary

Once a lesson is selected you will see the Lesson Summary Screen. Here you’ll see an overview of each activity included in the lesson, along with some information useful in planning your instruction. Using the buttons at the bottom of the screen you can access:

  • Overview – The purpose of the lesson
  • Objectives – The student goals for the lesson
  • Lesson Plan – A PDF version of the full lesson, which can be saved or printed
  • Worksheets – All printables related to the lesson
  • Customize – This will open the Resource Manager where you can make edits to the lesson
  • Launch – This will launch a lesson in the Lesson Plan Presenter window.

The Lesson Summary Screen will default to the Icon View of the lesson with each activity represented by a thumbnail preview.

Click the list option to the right of the Help button to toggle to a List View with each activity listed by name with a corresponding icon representing the screen type.

Toggle back to Icon View as needed.

From the Lesson Summary Screen, you also have the ability to Customize and Launch the lesson.ColumnsColumn

Lesson Plan Presenter

  • Each lesson will contain a variety of interactive screens, songs, and activities for students to engage, develop, and apply their music knowledge and skills.
  • To launch a lesson, click the green Launch button. Click the Next and Previous arrows to present the lesson. 
  • Each lesson will conclude with a “What Did We Learn Today?” screen where they can review the lesson objectives following instruction.
  • Additional screens are available for extending the lesson content.

Select MENU to pull up the following tools and resources.

  • DRAW – Add drawings directly to your lesson screens.
  • TEXT – Place custom text on your lesson screen. Click anywhere on the activity screen to open a new text box.
  • WIDGETS – Select from the Keyboard, Metronome, Soundboard, and Timer icons to display it on the screen.
  • TOOLS – Options to Hide the screen, Teacher Tools shortcut to your Teacher Toolbox, a Student Interactives shortcut, and Grade option to change the grade level are found here.
  • NOTES – These Notes are identical to those in the Lesson Plan, but are repeated here for easy access on each screen.
  • VIDEO – Add your video instructions or notes to the lesson screen. Learn how!
  • WORKSHEETS – Take a quick peek at all of the printable worksheets available in the entire lesson.
  • LINK– Generate a QR code or URL link for students to use on their own devices.

All Draw, Text, and Widget items will remain displayed on the screen until you select Lesson.