Quaver Choral Resources

Choral Song Lessons

On the Choral Resources dashboard,  you will find fully-scaffolded choral song lessons in the top section.  Each song has its own lesson to help prepare your students.

Preview a song by clicking the yellow play button in the corner of each song tile. The banner in the top left corner indicates the song’s genre.

Click on a song tile to open up the Lesson Summary Screen. You’ll notice that this screen looks very similar to the Lesson Summary Screens found in the Quaver Curriculum, featuring the same familiar buttons:

  • Overview – The purpose of the lesson
  • Objectives – The student goals for the lesson
  • Lesson Plan – A PDF version of the full lesson, which can be saved or printed
  • Worksheets – Any lyrics sheets or activity printables related to the lesson.

The Lesson Summary Screen will default to the Icon View of the lesson.

Click the list option to the right of the Help button to toggle to a List View. Toggle back to Icon View as needed.

From the Lesson Summary Screen, you can Customize and Launch the lesson.

Each lesson is designed to support your rehearsal instruction throughout the duration of your performance preparation process.

Choral Toolbox

Beneath the song lessons, you will find the Choral Toolbox. Use these tools to facilitate class Icebreakers, Warm-Ups, and Sight Reading. Additional resources including Assessments, Planning Resources, and additional lessons can be found here.


In the Icebreakers section of Choral Resources, you will find a selection of activities to start a choir rehearsal or general music lesson.

Click on any of the Icebreakers to start class with movement or breathing exercises.


In Warm-ups, you will find a variety of activities to build upon the Icebreakers and get students ready for learning the music. Here, students can further develop their breath support as well as diction and singing in harmony.


The Sight-reading activities were created to be used with a specific song from the Choral Resources, but can be selected as needed for building sight-reading skills. 

You will see three levels of expertise at the top and three tempo options located along the bottom.  The song from which the sight-reading excerpt was taken can be found by clicking the staff icon in the bottom right. Click the tonic button in the top right for reference as needed.

Planning Resources

In Planning Resources, you will find two white papers to assist in your preparation: “Getting Started with Choir” and “Selecting Repertoire.”

Each has valuable information whether you are starting a choir for the first time or just want to check out some quick tips and tricks.


In the Assessments section, you will find a number of printables that offer performance evaluations for individual students or groups. In addition to these printable options, the Performance Evaluation rubric is a great interactive for students to use to evaluate their own performances during class discussions.

Additional Resources

Looking for some additional interactive options? Click on Additional Resources for more.

If you are looking for more tools such as those found here, check out the Teacher Toolbox.