QSupport is a built-in help center found on your Teacher Dashboard. It is divided into two sections:


The top half of QSupport contains helpful information on curriculum features, news, and best practices for each curriculum. Select a green bubble to open any of these screens.

Curriculum Features

Curriculum Features contains a comprehensive index of downloadable PDFs on a variety of topics within each curriculum.

Curriculum News

Stay up to date with our latest blog posts, webinars, and newsletters for Music, SEL, Health•PE, or Pre-K in Curriculum News. Select the green bubble to navigate to the curriculum news landing page.

Best Practices

Best Practices contains a comprehensive index of downloadable PDFs on various strategies, ideas, topics, and more to optimize your classroom and connect with students. Select the green bubble to navigate to the landing page.

Problem Solving

The bottom half of QSupport contains useful links to troubleshoot common user issues. Problem Solving is an excellent first step for many teachers. If you require additional assistance at any time, contact us!

Device/Network Issues

Select the blue bubble to see immediate solutions for various device and network issues. This includes device and connection specifications and simple functionality fixes.

Student Account Issues

Select this blue bubble for help with Student Accounts. This includes resetting passwords, SSO or Rostering issues, QuaverNotes, and more!

Teacher Account Issues

Teachers can select this blue bubble to find easy solutions regarding passwords, Quaver licensing, SSO, account issues, and more!

teacher account issues button