SongBrush is a QuaverMusic Creative that allows you to draw on the staff with a variety of colors that represent instruments.

Create Your Composition

  • Simply select one of the seven instruments at the bottom of the screen and use your cursor to draw on the staff.
  • Click the yellow arrow on each instrument to bring up more instrument options from that instrument family.
  • Click the volume icon to mute or unmute that instrument.
  • Click the headphones icon to mute all other instruments
  • You can adjust the tempo settings by clicking Andante and making your selection from the tempo settings menu.
  • Use the yellow buttons to Repeat or Play your piece.
  • If you need to Erase, Undo, Clear, or View the grid option, use the settings to the right of the Repeat and Play buttons.

Save Your Project and Download It

  • Click MENU in the top right corner of the screen and click SAVE to save your project. You will be asked to give your project a title if you have not already.
  • Click MAKE MP3 from the menu and then DOWNLOAD the mp3 when it’s ready.

Open Existing Files

If you’d like to open a saved project, click MENU and OPEN.

How to Assign SongBrush to Your Students for Submission

To begin, create a folder where your assignment will live.

  • With no folder selected, click MENU, NEW FOLDER, and give it a title.
  • Name your folder something like “SongBrush Assignment” and click OK.

Your folder will now appear on the right side of your Resource Manager.

  • Search for SongBrush in Resource Manager.
  • Drag the resource into your folder on the right side of the screen.
  • Select the folder and hit MENU and NEW ASSIGNMENT TEMPLATE.
  • Name your assignment, “SongBrush.”
  • Open the folder and you’ll see your named Assignment with a green “A” next to it. 
  • Double click on the assignment to open it.
  • You’ll notice a purple “dot” to fill in next to the activity.
  • Click the dot to fill it in. This is what allows students to submit the assignment to show up in your GradeBook.
  • Click MENU and ASSIGN TO CLASS to choose a class or classes you would like to give the assignment to.
  • When students launch the assignment, they will be able to create their composition and a SUBMIT option will appear on the MENU when they are done and ready to submit.
  • Students should SAVE their submission if they wish to access it at a later time.
  • Completed submissions will show up in your GradeBook next to the student’s name with an orange checkmark.
  • Click the checkmark to review their work.