QSynth allows you to explore waveforms and synthesized sound. In this Creative, you can make adjustments to the Waveform, Amplitude, Phase, Harmonies, or even Detune the sound using the dials on the right-hand side.

Explore Waveforms and Synthesized Sound

  • Use the Zoom dials in the top left to adjust the size of the waveform.
  • The tone settings can be used to adjust the volume as well as the pan.
  • Toggle the Sound Profile on to see the Amplitude of the Wave over Time.
  • Make additional adjustments to the Sound Profile by using the sliders on the bottom: Attack, Decay, Sustain, and Release.
  • Adjust the pitch and octave by using the keys and yellow arrows in the bottom left.

Save Your Project

  • Click MENU in the top right corner of the screen and click SAVE to save your project. You will be asked to give your project a title if you have not already.

Open Existing Files

If you’d like to open a saved project, click MENU and OPEN.

How to Assign QSynth to Your Students for Submission

To begin, create a folder where your assignment will live.

  • With no folder selected, click MENU, NEW FOLDER, and give it a title.
  • Name your folder something like “QSynth Assignment” and click OK.

Your folder will now appear on the right side of your Resource Manager.

  • Search for QSynth in Resource Manager.
  • Drag the resource into your folder on the right side of the screen.
  • Select the folder and hit MENU and NEW ASSIGNMENT TEMPLATE.
  • Name your assignment, “QSynth.”
  • Open the folder and you’ll see your named Assignment with a green “A” next to it. 
  • Double click on the assignment to open it.
  • You’ll notice a purple “dot” to fill in next to the activity.
  • Click the dot to fill it in. This is what allows students to submit the assignment to show up in your GradeBook.
  • Click MENU and ASSIGN TO CLASS to choose a class or classes you would like to give the assignment to.
  • When students launch the assignment, they will be able to create their composition and a SUBMIT option will appear on the MENU when they are done and ready to submit.
  • Students should SAVE their submission if they wish to access it at a later time.
  • Completed submissions will show up in your GradeBook next to the student’s name with an orange checkmark.
  • Click the checkmark to review their work.