Curriculum Growth

As an online curriculum, QuaverMusic is always growing! We make ongoing enhancements, fueled by feedback from our users all over the world. In quarterly updates, we add new resources, tools, and improved functionality at no cost to licensed users.

Exciting New Teaching Resources

Since 2013, we have added more than 2,500 teaching resources to the QuaverMusic resource library. This includes over 100 new ClassPlay songs, 166 complete lessons, and more than 1,000 interactive screens–not to mention a few beloved characters.

Quaver Music Curriculum Growth
  • 2013 – Perry the Sheep makes his debut!
  • 2014 – Released project-based resources for grades 6-8
  • 2016 – Added 60 new songs and 38 Song-Based Lessons
  • 2017 – Added Resources for Pre-K Music
  • 2018 Released 40 new songs including Choral Resources
  • 2019 – Added SEL songs including “You-Nique!”
  • 2020 – Developed multi-lesson banjo and spoons projects in collaboration with the National Museum of African American Music
  • 2021 – Released New Freedom Songs, Movement Videos, Composers

Helpful New Features

In addition to new content, we continue to develop the functionality of the QuaverMusic platform! We consistently add customization options and enhancements so you can continue to do what you do best—teach!


  • Key and Tempo options added to Full Score activities
  • Curriculum resources now deliverable to students in the form of Assignments
  • Single Sign-On and Rostering integrations now available
  • Teachers can now edit and print Custom Lesson Plans
Integrations Added


  • Quaver GradeBook now includes Attendance options
  • Curriculum resources now available without the use of Adobe Flash
  • Custom Assignments and Rubrics added to Resource Creation toolbox
  • Teacher and Student Record Screens added to Resource Creation toolbox


  • New customization options added including interactive Quiz Challenge Games
  • Enhancements to support distance teaching and learning include resource sharing with a single link, video instructions for asynchronous learning, and more!


  • Custom Curriculum Builder launches for personal or district use
Teacher and Student Record Screens


  • Resource Manager enhancements include a Topic Index view!
Topic Index View


  • The ability to mark a non-gradable assignment complete for an entire class.
  • Assignment filters allow educators to condense their view in the Gradebook

And More to Come!

We don’t plan on stopping here! We have a number of exciting resources on the horizon to add to the QuaverMusic Curriculum, at no additional charge to licensed users. Some of these updates include:

  • Student Site Updates
  • Site Experience Enhancements
  • Additional ClassPlay Songs

  • New customization options
  • And much more!