QuaverMusic Best Practices Documentation

Using an Online Curriculum

Dive in to various strategies outlined for effectively introducing technology and and Quaver’s online curriculum in your student instruction.

Best Practices for Teaching English Language Learners

Discover ideas for reaching ELLs with the Quaver Curriculum.

Creating an Accessible Learning Environment

Explore how to make the most of technology and Quaver resources to provide meaningful learning experiences for all students.

Best Practices for Teaching Exceptional Students

Review suggestions that outline differentiation strategies when using QuaverMusic in the classroom.

Best Practices for Incorporating Multiple Learning Styles

Learn how the QuaverMusic Curriculum can effectively be used to foster learning across all learning styles in the classroom.

Rhythm Counting and Notation

Review the five rhythm counting approaches embedded throughout the QuaverMusic Curriculum.

Best Practices for Writing Multiple Choice Questions

Eleven guidelines for writing effective assessment questions using Quaver’s Quiz Builder.