In Commemoration of George Floyd

From our home in Nashville to every corner of this country, Americans are hurting. The murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, Freddie Gray, Michael Brown, Manuel Ellis and so many others reflect the injustice experienced by Black people in America for far too long. All of us at Quaver are taking this opportunity to join the chorus of voices affirming what is true—Black Lives Matter. 

QuaverEd rejects and condemns racism, injustice, and harassment in all of its forms. We are committed to an equitable and inclusive workplace where our staff members are heard and valued. We are committed to supporting educators with the tools they need to develop children who respect, recognize, and celebrate those who are different from them and uplift the voices of those who are marginalized. 

We believe in the power of music: to heal, unite, and inspire. Our heart has always been to use music to unite people in the world, and we are continuing that work today. We will continue to review the resources in our curricula to ensure they inspire and celebrate inclusion for all groups of people. We will continue to partner with artists and organizations to bring stories of Black history and racial pride to students across the country. We will continue to listen, to learn, and to grow alongside our partners and our community of educators. Together, we are striving to build a society that supports and empowers all students. 

For our 114 employees and their families.

For more than 10,000 teachers who allow us to support them in their classrooms every day. 

For over 4 million students who grow and learn through our resources each year.

This is a commitment we reaffirm today.

We often close our meetings at QuaverEd with a song. And so today, we’d like to do the same. These lyrics, from a song that helps students master empathy, express the heart of our team.

“Our opinions and beliefs may not be the same,
but we are free to share our voices
for kindness and consideration is our aim.” – The World We See