Resource Manager

Use the video tutorial and help article below to learn about Resource Manager.

Resource Manager is divided into four main sections:

  1. The navigation bar at the top includes a Home button, Grade filter, the Search field, and Menu and Help options. 
  2. The left section displays the Topic Index and Resource Sets.
  3. The middle section displays your search organized into seven colored tabs.
  4. The right section holds your Resource Folders. Custom Lessons you create will show up here.

Search Field

  • Use the center section of Resource Manager to search for specific resources by title or keyword.
  • As you type, suggested lessons will populate underneath the search field. For best results, we suggest selecting these when applicable to your search.
  • Search results are organized by resource type across colored tabs.
  • Click on Grade to the left of the Search Bar to filter results by grade level.
  • Click the yellow arrow at the bottom of the screen to see additional results, if applicable.

Preview Search Results

  • Select any resource from the search results to open a preview window at the bottom of the screen.
  • Click the thumbnail of the image to view it in a larger form. Click again to close.
  • Select Launch to open the resource in a new window. If a small white arrow appears next to launch, that indicates the resource can be launched in the context of a Quaver lesson where it is used, or independently. Select a lesson from the list or click Launch Alone.
  • When selecting a resource from a Folder, you will also see options to Edit or Delete the resource within your folder structure.

Sharing Lessons to Students

  • Teachers can generate a unique link to any single resource or lesson.
  • Select a resource from a folder or in the preview window that appears when a resource is selected. 
  • In both places, select MENU and click GET LINK. Students can scan the QR code, select the text, or click the button to automatically copy the link.
Lyrics and Sheet Music Screenshot of Jim Along Josie Song Product Example

Resource Folders

On the right-hand side of Resource Manager, you will find folders used to organize your resources.

To create a new folder:

  • Select Menu and New Folder.
  • Name the folder.
  • Drag and drop any resources from your search results into the folder.
  • Use the grey arrow to the right of a folder to view its contents.

In this way, you can easily organize and return to resources you discovered for future use.

Additional tips for using folders effectively:

  • Adding a resource to your folder creates a copy of the original resource. Any changes you make to the resource from your folder will not change the original resource.
  • You can nest folders within folders by selecting the top-level folder and selecting Menu and New Folder.

Teacher Tip: Folders are organized in alphabetical order. Many teachers preface their titles with a number system to control the display of folders.

Topic Index and Resource Sets

Use the Topic Index and Resource Sets options to browse the library of resources.

Topic Index

The Topic Index tab matches the 10 lesson modules in the curriculum. Use the tabs in the center of the screen to filter your results further, such as by interactives, songs, or lessons.

Resource Sets

The Resource Sets tab allows you to filter by where in the curriculum the resources you’re searching for might live. You can select the lesson you want by dragging it into one of your folders on the right-hand side of the screen.