Instructional Guides


QuaverHealth•PE includes resources for teacher professional development and planning. This documentation will walk you through how to navigate, launch, and print Quaver Instructional Guides including Health and PE Correlations, Scope and Sequence, Movement Guides, and more.

This help article covers:

Here you can see that the menu has several documents for you to explore:

  1. Health Correlations
  2. PE Correlations
  3. Health and PE Scope and Sequence
  4. Movement Glossary
  5. Song Lyrics and Choreography Guide
  6. Teacher-Led Student Discussions


The Health and PE Correlations documents list all K-5th grade Physical and Health Education TEKS and showcase how QuaverHealth•PE aligns to each and every standard. These documents can be used to identify and locate how and where each standard is met within our QuaverHealth•PE curriculum. This is not intended to be an index of all standards within the QuaverHealth•PE curriculum. More information on standards coming soon.


QuaverHealth•PE’s citation correlations are broken down by health standard, grade level, the specific state or national standards QuaverHealth•PE has correlated to, the standard itself, student expectation, and a breakout. See an example citation below broken down for you to better understand our formatting:

For Example: 115.13.b.6.A.i

  • 115 = Health standard
  • 13 = grade level 1 {12 = K, 13 = 1st, 14 = 2nd, 15 = 3rd, 16 = 4th, 17 = 5th}
  • b = version of standards we (TX) are using
  • 6 = knowledge and skill statement (the standard)
  • A = student expectation
  • i = breakout

Click on any thumbnail to open the document in a new tab. Each of these guides can be downloaded and/or printed using your browser’s print menu.