Student Admin

Welcome to QuaverPD! These videos will help you learn more about QuaverHealth•PE.

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Student Admin Overview

This tutorial will provide an overview of Student Admin and its supportive resources.


Learn how to create and customize classes for any QuaverHealth•PE classroom.

Student Accounts Overview

Gain an understanding of Student Accounts and the various options available.

Add Existing Student Account

Add existing multiple or individual student accounts to a class in Student Admin.

Auto-Generated Student Accounts

Create any number of individual student accounts easily with Auto-Generated Student Accounts.

Student Importer

Import existing student rosters with Student Importer.

Enrolling Student Accounts by Class Code

Add students to an existing class by using a Class Code. This convenient method prompts students to create their own account or link to an existing one.

District Integrations

This tutorial explains how school districts can generate student accounts with several options, including Single Sign-On.


Learn the two methods for tracking student attendance in Attendance.

Student Chat

Send messages and communicate with students using the Student Chat feature.