Resource Creation

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Resource Creation Overview

Dive into what each of the Resource Creation icons does!


The Multimedia tool allows you to create a Powerpoint presentation-like slide.

Checklist Builder

Use Checklist Builder to display information in a list format that can be added to a lesson.

Quiz Challenge

Create fun gameshow-style assessments in Quiz Challenge with flexible options for team play.

Quiz Builder

Easily create a custom quiz and add it to any lesson or assignment with Quiz Builder.

Rubric Builder

Rubric Builder offers an efficient way to create custom interactive rubrics which can be applied to assignments or given as student guidelines.

Student Recording

Allow students to submit a video for an assignment with Student Recording.

Teacher Recording

Record custom videos to add to a lesson or assignment. This can be helpful for remote instruction or when building a lesson for a substitute.

Audio Upload

Use Audio Upload to create a custom song playlist with personal MP3 files and songs downloaded from within ClassPlay.

File Upload

Upload PDFs or other documents to use in a lesson with File Upload.

Web Link

Use Web Link to add a website link to an assignment or lesson.

Video Link

Link YouTube or Vimeo videos to any lesson or assignment with Video Link.