Grow Stronger Bodies and Minds

QuaverHealth•PE takes an innovative approach to Health and PE instruction. Our digital curriculum is standards-aligned and packed with extensive content.

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Engaging Resources to Reach All Learners

QuaverHealth•PE curriculum is aligned with SHAPE America National Standards and supports various teaching styles. Teachers can easily follow the yearly lesson plan, which includes 196 ready-made lessons to teach Health and PE. Whether you teach from a gym or classroom, QuaverHealth•PE is flexible to meet your needs. Teachers can select from our three different views: Lesson View, Daily Dose, or Health + PE.

Supplemental Resources

QuaverHealth•PE is more than a curriculum. We offer additional resources to reach students after the school day is over.

Resource Manager

Customize your lessons and adapt to different learning environments with Resource Manager. This powerful tool allows you to search, create, import, and share resources and lessons.

Community Resources

Find approved websites and suggestions for community visitors. Enrich students learning with fun school and community-wide projects!

Parent Resources

QuaverHealth•PE knows the impact parents and guardians have on their children’s health activity. Explore several lessons that you can do from home!

The Power of Music in Health and PE

Help students grow stronger bodies and minds with movement-based music videos! These catchy songs are a powerful way to reinforce understanding at every grade and skill level.
Our culturally diverse, interactive resources reach and represent ALL students.

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