Five Ways of Getting the Most From Your Computer

Computer running slow? Getting hot? Fan coming on? Here are some simple things you can do to solve these problems. 

Five Helpful Hints

1. Restart your computer every morning. 

A fresh restart to your device each morning can work wonders! Think of how you feel when you stay up all night. Not so great? Your computer operates the same way! Turn it off and then back on.

2. Keep your computer plugged into a power source. 

When your computer runs on the battery, it tends to slow down certain processes!

3. Make sure your Internet speed is fast enough. 

Internet speed can play a major factor in how your resources run. Your Internet speed should be at least 5 megabits per second. The faster the Internet, the faster your computer will respond. Make sure your WIFI is working properly. Check your Internet speed at 

4. Don’t have more than four tabs open at a time. 

Having too many tabs open on your browser can cause things to go awry fast! One or two tabs open will keep things running smoothly. The more you open, the more likely your computer will slow down and crash.

5. Close down programs running in the background. 

If Word, Excel, or any other programs are open, this slows down your computer. You need to shut down all the unneeded programs you have running in the background to achieve maximum processing speed. Here’s how:

For Macs

Press the Command and Tab keys simultaneously to see icons of the programs running in the background. To obtain maximum computer speed, close all these programs except the browser you are using for Quaver. Hold down the Command key and Tab to the icon of the program to be deleted. Then still holding the Command key down, press the Q key and release both.

Repeat the process for the other programs, holding down the Command key and pressing the Q key. Note, you cannot delete the Finder program.

For PCs

To close programs running in the background on PCs, press the Alt and Tab keys simultaneously and hold them down. A window will pop up with all the icons of the programs. Move your mouse over the icons, right click, and select “close”. Don’t close the browser where Quaver is running! On some PCs, you can start your mouse in the upper left corner of the screen and run it down the left edge, to see the icons of all your programs running. Right clicking on any of these icons will allow you to close these programs.

Minimum System Requirements

To ensure your computer will handle the Quaver website, make sure your device meets our minimum requirements. Check with your district or school IT department if you’re not sure you’re up-to-date.

If your class is using an iPad, the following system requirements apply. Red means the iPad will not work with Quaver; yellow means it might work at times; and green means the iPad has sufficient power to work with the Quaver curriculum.

We hope you’ve found these tips helpful! Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at or call our Customer Service Gurus at (866) 917-3633 (Mon-Fri, 7am-6pm CST).