Enhance Social and Emotional Learning with Music!

Developing social and emotional skills can lead to huge benefits for students, teachers, families, and the larger community.

Your QuaverMusic curriculum resources include a number of   songs and activities to help emphasize SEL skills with your students. Have you explored these songs yet in your classroom?

Visit ClassPlay to search for the following songs:

  • “How I’m Feeling Today”- Use this song to help students identify and communicate their feelings.
  • “Show Me How You’re Feeling”- Once a feeling is identified, can your students demonstrate what it looks like?
  • “I Believe In You”- Based on the story of “The Little Engine That Could,” this song encourages students with the idea that they can do anything. As Dolly Parton sings, “I believe in you!
  • “Happy”- This familiar tune by Pharrell Williams is fun to sing and dance to! It also encourages students to explore what happiness means to them.
  • “Write It Down”- This song includes great tips to help students be organized and responsible.
  • “Take the Time To Be Kind”- Emphasize the importance of kindness in the classroom, and beyond, with this beautiful song.
  • “Everything Is Better”- A song to teach students the importance of working together!

And finally, hop over to Resource Manager and search “He Had a Dream” to find an additional Quaver original piece. This song highlights Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s character, beliefs, and contributions to the social justice movement.


How will you use these songs in your classroom?