Digital Support With QuaverEd

What do you get with a QuaverEd license? 

  • Access to seriously fun content that’s sure to have your students learning, singing, and growing with joy. Absolutely. 
  • A top-notch training and professional development program to make sure you have all the tools you need to teach QuaverEd in your classroom. Always. 
  • Did you know? QuaverEd also provides, free with each license, a full-service, on-demand customer support team ready to answer any questions and troubleshoot any problems you might have while teaching QuaverEd in your classroom! 

Technology is growing and constantly changing in our world and in your classroom. That’s one of the reasons we are constantly updating our platforms to be sure the QuaverEd family of products is available to you anytime you’re teaching. Be sure to visit and bookmark our QuaverHelp page. We share tips and tricks for how to fix things we often see that affect how your QuaverEd product runs on your school’s devices:

  • Videos not playing (close every window but the one running
  • Content buffering (try a different browser)
  • Slow load times (make sure your device is plugged into a charging source)
  • Ongoing issues with your internet connection (connect us with your District IT)

While we wish we could give the QuaverEd stamp of approval to all the gadgets and gizmos used in education, we can do something else. We can give you our word that no matter the device and no matter the issue, we’re here to help. Any time your school is in session, the QuaverEd team is standing by. 

If you still experience issues after performing the steps and checks above, please email us at or call (866)917-3633 on weekdays from 7 am-6 pm for immediate phone assistance. We’re excited to partner with you and be a part of all the exciting things happening #WithQuaverEd this year.