Dealing with Disappointment at Home

Each week on the QuaverSEL Blog, we highlight one of the core CASEL competencies or Quaver SEL Plus competency. Today, we’re diving into one of QuaverSEL’s SEL Plus competencies, disappointment, and an activity that addresses how to handle disappointment. 

Quaver’s SEL Plus competencies highlight important topics not addressed by CASEL.

Let’s dig in! 

In light of COVID-19, students may have had a lot of fun and exciting things postponed or cancelled. Maybe they had a vacation postponed indefinitely or maybe an important life event like a graduation was cancelled. This can be hard to understand and accept, and some students may be feeling real disappointment for the very first time. 

Take five minutes this week to explore disappointment and how we can handle disappointment in a positive way. 


You’ll find this song in the SELMusic Library by searching “Disappointed” or in the 1st Grade curriculum in Lesson 31. This song introduces the idea that disappointment won’t last forever. 

Ask students to identify some moments in their life recently where they have felt disappointed. Reinforce the idea that while it’s okay to feel disappointed, it is a temporary feeling. 

Learn how to assign this song to students at home.

What Can I Do?

This activity addresses ways in which we can cope with disappointment. In the example above, the child wants to go to the beach for his birthday. His mom lets him know that this is not possible. While this may be disappointing, what can he do to feel better? 

Click the purple SOLUTION button to pull up an example of a way to deal with a disappointing situation. In this situation, one solution is “to put on my sunglasses and pretend I’m at the beach.” Ask students if they can think of another solution. 

You’ll find this activity in the 1st Grade Curriculum in Lesson 31 or in the Song Hub of “Disappointed.” 

Learn how to assign this activity to students at home.

How are you encouraging students to deal positively with disappointment?

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