Custom Solutions

Partner with the QuaverEd team to develop custom curriculum, resources, and more to achieve your unique goals.

Tailored resources to support all facets of your learning environment

Custom activities, lessons, and full curricula correlated to your standards.

Additional reports and tools to support your instructional and administration needs.

QuaverEd resources integrated into your existing ed-tech platforms.

Fun, professional-quality songs and chants to support key lessons.

Flashcards, posters, and other tangibles to enhance your learning environment.

Trainings tailored to your staff’s needs to ensure your educators are set up for success.

Curriculum and Correlations

QuaverEd’s general and state-specific curricula are comprehensive, but we understand that individual districts and schools may have additional curriculum requirements. QuaverEd’s expert curriculum specialists will partner with your leadership to design supplementary activities, lessons, or full curricula correlated to your specific standards.

Tools and Features

Three screens representing features of an online teaching platform.

With a digital platform built and maintained entirely by our in-house development team, we have the power to construct new tools and features to serve your needs. Supervisor reports, class administration functions, lesson presentations tools – whatever educators need, we’re here to build it.

Systems Integrations

QuaverEd can integrate with your existing ed-tech platforms using Single Sign On and rostering technology to facilitate simple user access and roster data exchange. Our integrations team is always ready to work with your IT team to set up a digital learning environment that supports your users. You can read more on our Systems Integrations page.

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Songs and Chants

At QuaverEd, we believe in the power of music. Music supports and enhances learning across all subjects. Our team of songwriters, musicians, and producers can produce professional-quality songs for your key lessons, driving deeper connection and learning in the classroom.

Classroom Materials

Tangible classroom materials can provide a powerful supplement to QuaverEd’s digital program, and we’re here to help! Our team of professional artists, product developers, and educational specialists will design the posters, flashcards, and other supplies you need to bring your classroom to life.

Quaver classroom materials bundle, including posters, bulletin board trim, and more

Training & PD

Image of QuaverEd’s pedagogy experts providing an customized hands-on workshops

QuaverEd’s pedagogy experts can provide additional training, including custom workshops, focused feature coverage, and other hands-on support. We’re here to ensure your educators feel comfortable and empowered to utilize QuaverEd’s resources to the fullest extent. You can read more about training on our Professional Development page.

And More!

QuaverEd is a team with diverse abilities that we are ready to devote to your needs. We believe that you, the educators, are the leaders. We’re ready to partner with you to innovate new tools and programs that will further education.

Group Image of Quaver's diverse staff of pedagogical experts, software developers, musicians.

Questions? Want to learn more?

Explore QuaverMusic!

QuaverMusic is a comprehensive, fully-digital music curriculum! It is packed with engaging content that meets PreK–8th National Standards.