Celebrate Mothers in Music Class!

May 12th is recognized as Mother’s Day!

This is a day to celebrate mothers, grandmothers, and any other special someone who provides care and support!

We’d love to help you encourage your students to appreciate the mothers their life through music class this week!

Let’s take a look at how you can use Quaver’s resources to celebrate mothers and thank them for all they do this Mother’s Day!

“The Thank You Song”

Using the downloadable worksheet provided below, encourage students to think of an important person, like their mom, in their life and fill in the blanks to create a song to sing to the melody of “London Bridge.”

Listen to “The Thank You Song” with your students to give them an idea of what their song could sound like. It is also a great opportunity to practice sign language and learn how to sign “thank you!” Encourage students to perform the song for their special person. If students would like to perform their song in class, simply turn off the vocals on “The Thank You Song” using the MIXER button and use it as a backing track!

Download the worksheet!

Find “The Thank You Song” in the Pre-K Curriculum or in Resource Manager

“Thanks to You” 

For older students, introduce them to “Thanks to You” in ClassPlay! This groovy and fun song helps students recognize and celebrate the heroes, including parents, in their lives and in their community. It illustrates the many ways we can and should give thanks to them.

Write a Thank You Letter

Give older students an additional token of love to take home to their mom for Mother’s Day. Using the downloadable worksheet below, have students write a letter to their mom, grandmother, or someone special to show them how important they are to them.

Make a musical connection by prompting students to write about a song that makes them think of their chosen person and why that song makes them happy!

Download the worksheet!

A Mother’s Day Drawing

For younger students, we’ve created a downloadable worksheet that will allow them to draw a picture for Mother’s Day. Like the letter, they can draw a picture for their mom, grandmother, or someone special to show them how important they are to them.

Download the worksheet!

While students are drawing, you can play the song “Los Pollitos” from ClassPlay. This adorable Spanish song tells the story of the love of a mother hen and all she does to provide for her three chicks. You can find the English translation provided in the NOTES for students who don’t speak Spanish.

Ask students to make a connection between the story of “Los Pollitos” and the mother figure in their life. How does their mother express love for them?

Find “Los Pollitos” in the Pre-K Curriculum or in Resource Manager

From all of us here at Quaver HQ, we wish a very happy Mother’s Day to all who care for kids and teachers alike.  Thank you for all you do for us!


How will you celebrate Mother’s Day in your music class?