Celebrate Digital Learning Day with QuaverSEL

Digital Learning Day is February 27, 2020! 

This special day is all about the transformative power of technology in the classroom. As leaders in online curriculum, we’re excited to contribute to the growing conversation around educational technology and offer reliable and engaging online resources for educators. 

This Digital Learning Day, we’re celebrating with a FREE easy-to-implement, interactive SEL activity from QuaverSEL for you to use in your classroom this week only. 

This activity addresses the theme of evaluating the accuracy and truthfulness of information from different sources. In the age of technology, it’s easy for information and news to get misconstrued or passed along without proper citation. What sources can we trust? What sources might give incorrect information?

Scan the QR code below to access this interactive activity for use on a mobile device or click the link to project on an Interactive whiteboard or computer.


Feel free to share this activity with teachers and students in your school but don’t delay! This activity is available until March 5th. 

This activity is available to teachers and students through a license to QuaverSEL resources. Try this activity and hundreds more at Preview.QuaverSEL.com. Ready to buy? Contact us today!