Build Problem-Solving Professionals

Each week on the QuaverSEL Blog, we highlight one of the core CASEL competencies and a sub-competency. Today, we’re diving into Responsible Decision-Making and an activity that will help students with their problem-solving skills.

Let’s dive in!

How can we teach students to actively problem-solve in the classroom?

Take five minutes this week to explore a helpful activity called “Can You Help Me Find My Way?” Found in the Kindergarten Curriculum in Lesson 10, this activity encourages problem-solving skills by introducing a problem and encouraging students to offer a solution.

This activity can also be found in Resource Manager under Responsible Decision-Making and Solving Problems

As you start this activity, be sure to read the lyrics on the screen and define any words your students may not understand. Have your students listen to the song one time through by pressing the blue play button, learning the lyrics to the activity.

When listening to the song for the second time, invite your students to think about which objects could fill in the blanks. 

As the students are singing along, the teacher can point to the icons, naming each object pointed to as the students fill in the blanks. Another option is to have the students suggest their own objects to fill in the blanks such as my toy, my bike, or my lunch.

Focus on a specific problem by dragging one of the icons from the bottom of the screen up to blank space or using the DRAW tool to fill in their own. For example, “Can you help me find my dog? Yes, we can, yes we can!”

Ask students to think about the problem and brainstorm a solution, with guidance from the teacher. They can chant or sing a solution if they come up with one. For example, a solution to the missing dog problem might be “I will tell a grown-up!” 

This activity helps students to identify a problem, then think about the options they can use to solve it. 


After solving the problem, it’s important to reflect back on the response and evaluate what more could’ve been done. The song “Evaluate” does just that!

This song can be found by typing “Evaluate” in the SELMusic Library.

After listening to the song, invite your students to share with their partner about a time they made a good decision and a time they made a bad decision. What problem-solving skills could they have used to improve the outcome of their situation?

How do you encourage problem-solving in your classroom? 

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