Better Messaging in Minutes!

Improve teacher-student communication and enhance independent learning!

Teacher-student communication is a vital part of any music classroom. Open channels of communication allow for students to comfortably ask questions and communicate confusion about concepts and assignments, ultimately leading to success! This also opens the door to enhanced independent learning.

In this post, we’ll explore new messaging functionality at Teachers can now converse with students in the context of an assignment individually, as a class, or in small student groups

Sending a Message

Let’s begin by learning how students might send a message to  their teacher. Students who have free accounts as a part of their school’s music curriculum will find the messaging option at the bottom right corner of any assignment. In the Assignment Messages window, the blue GROUP tab allows them to communicate with the whole class. The purple TEACHER tab allows them to communicate with only you, their teacher.

Group chat can easily be disabled from the Quaver teacher’s GradeBook settings. Click on any student name under a particular assignment in your GradeBook,  In the Assignment Review window, simply check the “disable group chat” box to disable group chat for ALL assignments for that class and hide all previous group messages from students’ screens.

This will not turn off the chat for all classes. You must repeat those steps for each individual class.

Locating a Message

On the Teacher side of the equation, you can find an inbox of all messages from students in Teacher Admin. At the top of your screen, to the left of the white Class Selector box, you’ll notice a green button with a speech bubble. This is the home of Quaver Messaging! This green speech bubble serves as a notification of new messages.

Replying to a Student

The number in the middle of the speech bubble represents the number of unread messages you have. Clicking on this will allow you to select a message to view.

The Assignment Review window will appear and you’ll notice a chat box on the left side of your screen.

Here is where you can reply to the student and request any additional information you need. The Assignment Review window is also where you can send a student a message at any time. This is a great way to give students feedback and keep questions in the context of the assignment at hand.


How will you use the new Messaging function with your students?