Amazing Orff Activities!

Customize your lessons with advanced Orff scores in Resource Manager. 

Have you been on the hunt for additional Orff scores? Well, your hunt is over! Take a look in Resource Manager!

Use these activities to customize a lesson in a way that perfectly suits your teaching process.

The following Full Score activities can be found by searching “Advanced Orff” in Resource Manager:

  1. “AAA Minor” (Full Score)
  2. “Dabi Dabi” (Full Score)
  3. “Lucky Lou” (Full Score)
  4. “March of the I-V” (Full Score)
  5. “Anything I Wanna Be” (Full Score)
  6. “Dorian River” (Full Score)
  7. “Lydian Love” (Full Score)
  8. “Naki Naki Hoi” (Full Score)

Let’s take a look at one of these activities:

This Full Score activity includes six different parts that can be learned. These parts include: temple block, wood block, clave, güiro, tambourine, and djembe. You can customize the arrangement by selecting specific parts to either hide or view. Click on a part and choose SOLO PART to isolate it!

You can use these activities just as you would any other Full Score activity. For more information on how to use the Full Score screen, you can view the Full Score video training course here. Make sure you scroll down to Activity Types and click on lesson 3.2.


How will you use these additional Orff scores in your classroom?